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    Case study: Bio-Bug

    The Bio-Bug is the UK’s first VW Beetle powered by human waste. Find out more on how the waste of just 70 homes produces enough biogas to power the Bio-Bug for a year.

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    Case study: Bio-Bus

    The Bio-Bus was the first bus in the UK to be powered by gas derived from food, sewage and commercial liquid wastes. Find out how gas is created for the Bio-Bus.

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News roundup

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    Technical competence grows throughout the company

    Biosolids controller Mike King and bioresources treatment technician Samantha Gardner are the latest employees to gain the Certificate of Technical Competence (CoTC) qualification from the Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board (WAMITAB). 

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    Doing your duty

    Continuing in our popular series on waste management legislation, we've turned the spotlight on 'duty of care', an aspect of legislation that applies to anybody who deals with waste.

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    Bristol students lead the way to raise awareness of food waste recycling

    GENeco have teamed up with local media organisation Boomsatsuma to create a series of short films to raise awareness of food waste recycling as part of the Bristol Learning City initiative. Read in full
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    GENeco and Unilever in green gas partnership

    GENeco has signed a deal with Unilever that will help the consumer goods company take another significant step on its renewable energy journey. Read in full
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  • National Recycling Awards 2016
  • Low CVP Awards 2015
  • Guardian Sustainable Business Awards 2015
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