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Safety first

  • Safety first across the GENeco business

    Firstly, an international best practice standard for occupational health and safety was awarded to GENeco’s food waste recycling plant.

    The OHSAS18001 certificate acknowledges GENeco’s high health and safety standards and shows the company’s commitment to preventing workplace accidents.

    Waste management regulation manager, Rachel Creed said: “This is a fantastic achievement that shows how we’re continuously looking after the health, safety and well-being of our employees, customers and visitors through good health and safety management. A huge well done to the whole team.”

    Food Waste TeamSecondly, as you will be aware if you have visited any one of our liquid treatment centres since the 1st of May this year, the full face mask has been introduced as a mandatory PPE requirement for all drivers and Wessex Water staff who deal with any liquid wastes or final effluent.

    Liquid Bioresources manager, Francis Marsh said: “We’ve taken this step in order to reduce the risk to those on site from the potentially harmful effects of liquid waste on the eyes, nose and mouth.”

    “This addition to our existing PPE requirements has been well advertised and signs are in place at all discharging facilities documenting the complete list of protective wear. This includes high visibility clothing, appropriate full length trousers, gloves and steel toe-capped footwear.”

    Unfortunately, due to company policy we are unable to lend out any PPE, and any breaches in PPE safety will cause your load to rejected.Face Mask 

    There have been two significant developments in GENeco’s ongoing commitment to ensuring a safe working environmental for all customers and staff.

    If you have any questions regarding PPE at GENeco sites then please do get in touch with the GENeco Liquid Bioresources team by email or phone on or 01225 524560.