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Raising a glass to science

  • Raising a glass in the name of science

    Pint of scienceRaising a glass in the name of science

    Caroline Milree and Josh Cooke, both graduates at GENeco, recently took part in the worldwide ‘Pint of Science’ festival.

    During a talk entitled ‘The Future for Waste’, Caroline and Josh discussed global issues such as urban air quality and depleting resources, and why effective and sustainable waste management is so important to solving this problem.

    They also spoke about how GENeco is dedicated to creating new ways of providing solutions to these problems by turning waste into resources, in the form of projects such as the innovative composting process and the world-famous Bio Bus.

    Caroline said: “It was great to have the chance to put GENeco’s work in a global context in front of such a well-informed audience. A particular highlight was running a half-time pub quiz all about recycling and waste in the UK!”

    If you would like to get in touch with somebody about GENeco’s outreach work, please contact GENeco’s Bioresources Team on 01225 524560 and