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Chemical Engineer / Technical and operations

Bertie Traill

"I am excited to be developing my skills as a Chemical Engineer at Geneco, a company that is leading innovation globally in wastewater treatment and renewable energy"

Bertie has joined the technical team at Geneco as a Chemical Engineer, supporting the technical team's role in optimising the performance of existing waste treatment and renewable energy generation processes at Geneco sites. He is responsible for improving the visibility of process performance through developing automatic systems and real-time data analytics.

Bertie graduated with from the University of Surrey with a master's in Chemical Engineering in 2017, where he conducted research into sulphur-based contaminant removal from wastewater streams. Following this, Bertie worked in the water industry as a clean network analyst and subsequently joined the Geneco technical team.

Outside of work, Bertie enjoys playing acoustic guitar, travelling and reading.

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