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Head of Renewable Energy / Management Team

Wayne Boakes


"I am passionate about renewables and sustainability. The ethos and raison d'être of GENeco fit in well with my personal standards and desires."

Wayne is responsible for ensuring that we perform to our maximum capabilities with regards to renewable generation and biomethane injection and that we comply with all the regulations. This includes environmental, legislative, and health and safety regulations.

Wayne has 37 years' experience in the water and waste water industry and has an HNC in electrical and electronic engineering. He initially focused on electrical and mechanical maintenance, before moving on to small schemes project management. He has worked on renewable activities since 2000.

A keen sportsman, Wayne (still!) plays football regularly. He has three dogs and spends most weekends during the summer participating in flyball (relay racing with dogs).

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Zero waste treatment

Our zero waste processes can treat various materials including hazardous liquids. We can significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with your waste disposal, to the benefit of the local community and environment.

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