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Biosolids Recycling Controller / Biosolids

Mike King


"I am passionate about recycling and enjoy the opportunities I have to enhance my knowledge whilst utilising the numerous contacts and organisations associated with GENeco."

Mike is the recycling controller for the central region of the south-west. He is responsible for maintaining long term working relationships with existing customers and developing new outlets. He also observes for a best practice approach to providing agronomic advice on the use GENeco's products. Most recently, he has been appointed as the technical contact for the PAS110 status of the food digestate recycling.

Attending Shuttleworth College led to Mike becoming highly qualified in agricultural practice. He started out managing his family farm until 1983 before moving to Sevenoaks in Kent to manage a mixed arable farm. In 1994 Mike moved to Wiltshire to work with agricultural contractors that were recycling organic manures to land. He spent 2000 - 2008 working with Southern Water recycling Bestway Granules to agriculture, before joining GENeco in 2008.

Outside of work Mike enjoys the family life, spending time with his children and grandchildren. Over the last few years they have enjoyed travelling in their motorhome to numerous places in the UK and abroad.

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