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Operations and Maintenance Manager / Management Team

Bob Porter


"With many years of mechanical and electrical experience, I am able to ensure that the operation of present and the design of new plant will provide GENeco with extremely reliable and efficient plant and process."

Bob manages two large sewage and sludge treatment sites, the food waste plant and gas to grid facility. He also provides input to planning and commissioning of capital and construction schemes.

He joined Wessex Water in 1979 after serving a four year apprenticeship in mechanical engineering and six years' service in the merchant navy as an engineering officer. One of his many roles within the company was as an engineer on the MV Glen Avon (a sludge disposal ship). At GENeco's main site in Bristol he has overseen over £120m of new process construction and commissioning.

Bob is a family man with three grown up children and a young grandson. He maintains a high standard of fitness and has been SCUBA diving for 30 years. He also has an interest in old music machines including Victorian music boxes, a Wurlitzer jukebox and around 3,000 45 RPM vinyl singles.

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Zero waste treatment

Our zero waste processes can treat various materials including hazardous liquids. We can significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with your waste disposal, to the benefit of the local community and environment.

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