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  • Mohammed Saddiq (Square)

    Mohammed Saddiq

    Managing Director - GENeco

    At GENeco we are committed to making sure individuals and teams are given the time, tools, and training to become the very best in our industry.  

    Developing our employees’ initiatives and individuality is what helps to grow our business.  

    Encouraging our employees’ confidence and empowering them helps us to improve customer service and company performance.

    Never expecting our employees to be anything other than themselves is what makes GENeco a great place to work."

    We're looking for exceptional people 

    At GENeco we look for people who get stuck in and make things happen; the team players and future leaders with exceptional drive, creativity and interpersonal skills. Our staff are tenacious, curious and always looking for new ways of doing things.

    GENeco is at the forefront of the recycling and renewable energy market and now we're setting out to shape the future of our business. Driven by strong values and a clear direction, we're focused on helping people achieve their ambitions in the right way.

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  • Current vacancies

    We are looking for experienced self-motivated tanker drivers to work in the Taunton area. Primarily, the work involves transporting sewage sludge cake from specified sites to our new cake reception facility at Taunton. You may also be involved in emergency tankering in the event of breakdowns within 400 water recycling centres and 1200 sewage pumping stations. You will be expected to work as part of a team covering shifts that will cover days, including weekends and bank holidays.

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    We are looking for a technical supervisor to ensure GENeco operational sites are operated safely, while also supervising staff to ensure regulatory standards are always met. You will also ensure effluent compliance and sludge treatment to HACCP standards and delivery of corporate energy generation targets are met. You will be providing input in the planning and commissioning of capital and construction schemes, managing all maintenance requirements and the sites that will be identified as your responsibility. Day-to-day activities include setting treatment strategy on site using best industry practice, providing awareness and training for staff to improve safety on site, liaising with customers/general public and maximising first line maintenance by the operators to reduce high-risk reactive work.

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    Do you like working outdoors? Looking for a role that offers development opportunities? If so, we have a great opportunity for you in our GENeco department.

    GENeco is an award-winning recycling and renewable energy company, committed to offering our customers innovative, cost effective and sustainable solutions. We are part of the Wessex Water Group of companies and were created to help the group become more sustainable. Our recent innovations include a food waste treatment and gas to grid facility. In 2015 we were named as a guardian sustainable business of the year.
    The role of plant operator involves the operation and maintenance of conventional sewage treatment plants and pumping stations to meet quality standards. You will play a big part in the team by ensuring compliance with company policy, processes and procedures. You must also ensure the health, safety and welfare of all colleagues, the public and yourself at all times. You may be required to provide emergency cover as required on the standby rota.

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  • Zero waste treatment

    Our zero waste processes can treat various materials including hazardous liquids. We can significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with your waste disposal, to the benefit of the local community and environment.

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