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Chemical engineer / Technical and operations

Zhuo Ming Yap


Being part of GENeco, it has been an eye-opener in terms of the different processes on site and how the company is utilising these processes to create a sustainable future. GENeco has allowed me to continue my development in process science and engineering with a view of sustainability in mind.


Ming's works with the other members of the technical team to support on-site operations. This involves ensuring site compliance with regards to regulations and consents, monitoring site performance, as well as identifying optimisation opportunities for processes on site, chemical and energy consumption and production of biogas. He is also responsible for implementing data points to GENeco's real-time monitoring systems.


Ming graduated from the University of Bath in 2017 with an undergraduate master's degree in Chemical Engineering MEng (Hons).


In his spare time, Ming loves watching football and playing basketball. He has a passion for specialty coffee, hence can often be found visiting and spending time in cafés.


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