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Bioresources Adviser / Waste Management

Heidi Rose Smith


"I'm so excited to be working with GENeco! They're a fab company and I've been personally inspired by them since I moved to Bristol and saw what an amazing message they were spreading."

Heidi's role as Bioresources Adviser will be mainly customer facing, developing and maintaining great relationships. She is also excited to be getting stuck into new and exciting projects, all driving positive change for our environment. Heidi has a keen interest in fashion, completing college with a diploma specialising in Sustainability within the Fashion Industry, for her final project she designed and created a collection of clothes made from 100% recycled fabrics.

With a background in waste management, she has seen first-hand the throw-away culture our society has developed and wants to be part of the solution alongside us. She loves the "zero-waste" movement and does everything she can in her personal life to be as green as possible. When she's not at work, you'll find Heidi either wandering around the countryside, paddle boarding in the Bristol Harbour or booking her next holiday!

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