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Area Scientist / Technical and Operations

Wesley Wong


"As part of GENeco's Technical Team, I am given the opportunity to apply and develop my engineering knowledge throughout the company's projects in sustainability, wastewater treatment and anaerobic digestion."

As a chemical engineer, Wesley provides process support and engineering input to the operations of Bristol Sewage Treatment Works and Berry Hill Sludge Treatment Centre. This includes ensuring that there is a high level of site compliance and performance, as well as identifying any opportunities for the optimisation of site processes, chemical and energy consumption and biogas production.

After graduating from the University of New South Wales in Australia with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering, Wesley joined GENeco's Technical Team in 2014. Since being with GENeco he has been involved in various projects at Bristol Sewage Treatment Works, one of which is the development and implementation of Amulet, a real-time monitoring software for enhanced process monitoring on site.

Outside of work Wesley enjoys travelling, eating and hitting the gym.

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