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Technical Manager / Management Team

Ian Law


'If you get it right technically and environmentally then everything else can flow smoothly from there.'

Within GENeco, Ian plays the crucial role of overseeing all technical elements across the waste treatment sites. He leads the team to resolve any issues that arise as well as pursuing innovative opportunities to improve the efficiency of operations. He is responsible for the technical well-being of all of our treatment facilities across the region which involves monitoring a range of processes and ensuring the maintenance of site systems.

Ian is a Chartered Chemical Engineer with 40 years' experience in the water, waste water, environmental and thermal industries. He has had a range of technical and operational experience in utilities which has led to him contracting in Europe, Middle-East, the Pacific Rim as well as working with governmental bodies in Scandinavia. This breadth of experience has given Ian a wealth of knowledge that he can effectively apply to a spectrum of technical situations.

In his spare time Ian has a number of hobbies and interests. He has a passion for anything artistic with special interests in drawing, acrylics, water colours and urban art. He is also multi-lingual being fluent in Swedish and confident at French. Ian is very attentive to nature, partaking in micro-agriculture with his assortment of farm animals and crops as well as being an experienced bee-keeper.

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