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Liquid Bioresources Manager / Liquid Bioresources

Francis Marsh


"My role combines my interests in the environment and business. I love being able to offer a sustainable solution to our customers, whilst working within a functional and profitable team."

Day to day, Fran's activities consist of customer interactions - such as sales and account management as well as being responsible for the liquid waste team. He leads by example, motivating his team to be friendly and providing excellent customer service.

After graduating from Cardiff University with a degree in environmental geoscience, he gained a range of experience working within an environmental consultancy for five years. Before his current role he spent a couple of years as an organic waste technician at GENeco.

Although Fran enjoys coming into work each day, he's also a big family man and loves spending time with his wife and daughter. He enjoys sports - playing football at the weekends and frequently hitting the gym.

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Francis Marsh | News

Capacity increases at Taunton treatment centre

Over the past 18 months, extensive upgrade works have been carried out at Taunton treatment centre

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Francis Marsh | News

Industrial fires: the hidden cost

Large industrial fires can have a devastating impact on local communities. From a waste management perspective, it has been interesting to see how the industry has moved to tackle tricky sorts of wastes, moving away from traditional disposal routes towards more sustainable and economically viable treatment methods to minimise the chance of industrial fires.

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Francis Marsh | News

A fleet of poo powered buses to clean Bristol

A fleet of poo-powered buses could be providing a service in Bristol as soon as next year as part of an initiative to improve air quality in the city. 

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Zero waste treatment

Our zero waste processes can treat various materials including hazardous liquids. We can significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with your waste disposal, to the benefit of the local community and environment.

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